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YPU’s COC project initiatives


YPU’s principles and mission include being a stronghold of glocal wisdom, nurturing future practical leaders and being open to the community and facing local society. That being the case, YPU has promoted practical, small-group education including field work and other practices rooted in the community.

YPU was selected to be part of the Program for the Center of Community (COC) by the Ministry of Education, Sports, Science and Technology, in 2013. Accordingly, YPU considers the process of discussing solutions to actual local problems as an opportunity for educational and research activities, and it aims to solve local problems through the participation of academic staffs and students in various local activities.

Also, to advance initiatives rooted in the process of solving local problems, we position the Yamanashi Prefectural University Future Center as a place for multilayered and forward-thinking dialogue, and we work to match local and university needs by engendering mutual understanding within the university or between the local community and the university in order to deepen understanding of local problems.

resulting from initiatives in various communities with all communities within the prefecture through dialogue with them, we promote initiatives to solve problems in the whole region.

The Yamanashi Prefectural University Future Center, a place for forward-thinking and multilayered dialogue

To advance initiatives based on a process of solving local problems, we think it is necessary for a local community and a university to have a continuous dialogue, and in so doing, to deepen their sense of shared local problems and mutual sympathy and co-create their future as a new community.

Under this initiative, we named our place for multilayered and forward-thinking dialogue the Yamanashi Prefectural University Future Center. This dialogue includes 1. discussion of future policies by the head of the local government and the university president, 2. dialogue between local government staffs, community residents, academic staffs and students through various community activities and discussions of problem-solving methods, and 3. dialogue within YPU among students and among academic staffs. By creating a place for such continuous dialogue, we are working to strengthen community consciousness through mutual understanding between the community and the university and within the university itself.

A ‘process of solving local problems’ through practical education and research activities

In this initiative, we use the four-process RPDC (researching, planning, doing and checking) cycle to efficiently and effectively solve local problems. We incorporate this cycle into the educational curricula, and by having students continually participate in this series of activities, we construct a learning cycle linked to local activities. By so doing, we nurture human resources who learn independently for the development of the community and who can design their own careers.