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Department of International Studies and Communications

Becoming ‘glocal people’ who are at home around the world

Educational Principle / Mission of the Department

  • We cultivate human resources with a deep understanding of the international community, the regions of the world and Japan, who can play an active, international role in various settings, including the corporate sector
  • We cultivate human resources who can communicate with people from all over the world
  • We cultivate human resources who can teach the Japanese language

What is the Department of International Studies and Communications?


  • In this department, students learn mainly about international and local communication, based in fundamental education including foreign languages.
  • Specifically, our aim is for students to learn foreign languages, information technology, world history, world culture and other fundamental educational knowledge and abilities, thoroughly cultivating fundamental ability. They then choose a core field and take actions while their related knowledge increases in a snowball effect.
  • By not only attending classes, but also accumulating experience in extracurricular activities such as international events, volunteer activities and community contribution activities, we want students in the department to grow into human resources with rich international sensibilities.