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Department of Policy Management

From the local community to the world, cultivating deep understanding and practical skills

Educational Principle / Mission of the Department

  • We cultivate human resources who have a broad perspective on society
  • We cultivate human resources with practical problem solving abilities
  • We cultivate human resources who can approach modern problems from an international perspective

What is the Department of Policy Management?

Policy can be said to be “understanding various problems facing modern society and thinking of solutions to them.” So in the Department of Policy Management, students learn not only about countries and local governments, but also about private businesses and NPOs. And they comprehensively learn about the social sciences as tools for deducing solutions to problems. The social sciences are fields of study that aim for an understanding of how society comes about. They include political science, law, economics and sociology.

The research of the Department of Policy Management is focused on everything from local problems to international ones, or you could say it covers a wide sphere ranging from private businesses to international organizations. It also emphasizes practical scholarship, including accounting, public administration, environmental sociology, regional revitalization and regional policy.